We Are Hantz Group

Hantz Group is a Michigan-based financial services firm that serves both the individual household and the business marketplace. Hantz Group provides a comprehensive range of financial services from financial planning, to home & auto insurance, life and disability insurance, tax planning, debt strategies, estate planning, banking and investments. For an individual, we provide a team of specialists to help you achieve your financial goals and plan for a comfortable retirement. For an organization, we have established a full service team to help solve employer and employee issues. Our mission is to positively impact your organization's profitability, workforce productivity and compliance issues. Our strategy is based on intellectual leverage: no one person can cover all the complexities of a financial situation, but a well-resourced team can.

Believe in all things others say can't be done

We excel when solving our client’s problems – and our own – by creating solutions that did not exist yesterday. We understand that success requires the ability to recognize and discard outdated solutions; to transform our environment to generate truly innovative ideas and exciting new directions.

What won't happen under my watch

Our primary responsibilities are to preserve our clients’ financial values and to help them achieve their financial goals. We exercise extreme diligence to ensure that they enjoy the benefits of the most knowledgeable resources in all areas of their financial management. As we safeguard our clients’ future, we also safeguard our own as a leading edge company.
HantzGroup, Inc. is the parent corporation to a number of wholly or partially owned subsidiary companies Hantz Group Subsidiaries

Know your resources and treasure them

We identify and expand on our existing strengths to create extraordinary opportunities to achieve our goals. Whether those strengths are innovative ideas, financial expertise, or cutting-edge technology, if used to their highest potential, and implemented by the right team of specialists, they will produce outcomes never thought possible.

Enjoy the ride

Life is full of exciting opportunities that challenge us to learn, and to grow. We have created a company that asks both our clients and our employees to embrace the challenges, the learning, and the growth; through these exciting experiences, they will find unimaginable success.