Business Accounting and Tax Services

(Business Accounting and Tax Services are provided by Hantz Tax & Business, LLC (HTB) or one of our affiliates)

Working with other Hantz specialists, your advisor can assist you with your company retirement plans, succession planning and legal services (provided by Shea Law firm).

Corporate and Partnership Tax Preparation

Your Hantz Financial Services (HFS) advisor and his/her team can offer you advanced tax planning strategies, including entity structure analysis and compensation planning.

Software Consulting

In addition to traditional tax preparation and planning services, we assist many of our clients through initial setup, training, and support in the use of their accounting software.

Controllership Services

Small businesses often struggle with interpreting financial information because they do not have the budgets available to hire skilled professional staff. This "knowledge gap" can be filled though controllership services. Our expertise in business finances provides the client with important information to monitor the health of their operation and to make better-informed management decisions.

Compiled Financial Statements

Through several of the affiliates of the Hantz Group, compiled financial statements can be provided. A compilation involves obtaining client information and assembling it into the form of financial statements. This is often needed for bank loan compliance, bonding approval, or government contract approval. This same information is also essential for management to assess the performance of the operation. In some cases, the statements may include explanatory footnotes or supplementary schedules, as mandated by a third-party lender.

Review of Financial Statements

Through several of the affiliates of the Hantz Group, a review of financial statements can be provided. A review of financial statements consists primarily of inquiries of company personnel and analytical procedures applied to financial data. It is substantially smaller in scope than an audit, and the accountant would not express an opinion on the financial statements as a whole; instead, the accountant would provide limited assurance that there are no material modifications that should be made to the financial statement. Reviewed financial statements require complete footnote disclosure.

Audit of Financial Statements

Through several of the affiliates of the Hantz Group, audits of financial statements can be provided. Audits are the most comprehensive form of assurance that a CPA can provide on a set of financial statements. An audit is very involved in its scope and includes detailed testing of transactions. Much of this is accomplished through sampling techniques. In addition, outside corroboration of information is required.

Personal Financial Statements

Through several of the affiliates of the Hantz Group, personal financial statements can be provided. Occasionally, personal financial statements from shareholders of closely-held businesses are required to comply with bank covenants. We can assist by assembling the client's personal information into a financial statement under prescribed requirements of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.