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Financial Planning

Financial Planning at Hantz Group is a comprehensive service. Your Financial Consultant will assist you with identifying your financial goals, prioritizing those goals, and executing a plan for how to achieve them. Your Financial Consultant will manage relationships with your Family Office Specialists to save you time and reduce your stress. We create efficiencies throughout the process that help you progress towards your goals.

Each financial decision you make can affect any number of other areas of your life. For example, an investment decision might have tax consequences. Or a decision about your child's education might affect when and how you meet your retirement goals.

Financial Planning with Hantz Group is a comprehensive service. As you meet with your financial advisor, we work to create a cohesive plan for you and your Family Office professionals to work from.

Financial planning provides direction, measurement and clarity to your financial decisions. It allows you to understand how each financial decision you make affects other areas of your finances, and it helps you to take control of your financial future. Financial planning is a dynamic process that involves setting goals, examining your current financial position, and assisting you to develop a plan to help meet your goals in the most efficient way. This process will give you increased knowledge around financial matters and guide you to financial independence. Our Financial Planning service utilizes a Family Office approach - a team that will address and coordinate all the aspects of your family’s financial and legal affairs*. Your Family Office team will include dedicated specialists in the areas of tax planning, legal services, insurance needs, banking and investments.

Your Hantz Financial Services advisor will help you set measurable goals and specific targets of what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve these results. On your path to financial independence, your Family Office team will work to proactively fine-tune your plan in response to changes in the financial environment and in your life.

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*Legal services provided by outside legal counsel.