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Tax Strategy and Planning

While the tax industry is generally reactive, your Hantz Tax Advisor will be proactive.

Your Family Office Tax Specialist will coordinate with your Financial Consultant to review your portfolio and offer guidance to better plan for financial decisions. Our philosophy at Hantz Group is that Tax Planning is a proactive process that requires monitoring throughout the year to deliver tax projections before preparation of your final return. Our Tax Specialists want to provide information on how to plan today to minimize taxes in the future.

Throughout your working relationship with us, your Hantz Financial Services (HFS) Advisor will continually look for ways to reduce your tax burden. By utilizing available credits, tax reduction, and deferral strategies, your financial advisor will help you keep more of what you earn, which you can use to fund your lifestyle or save for your future goals. For clients with complicated tax situations, we offer our Premier Financial Planning process which emphasizes prospective tax planning versus the ordinary tax preparation services that are pervasive in the market.

The goal is to plan and manage your income taxes, not merely report them. Utilizing yearly tax projections, your Family Office team will identify any credits, tax reduction and deferral strategies to help you reduce your future income tax burden.